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Hi! I'm Charla

Hello! My name is Charla, but I'll answer to Carla, Charlo, Char, Charlie, or Charlotte.

I've been creating gorgeous hair since 2007, and while I can deliver the color service of your dreams, my true passion lies in haircuts. I've earned the loving title of "Pixie Guru" and I wear it as a badge of honor.

Recently, I've discovered a new love for extensions, particularly the "Just One Row" technique. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a client's confidence soar as their hair transforms from fine to thick and voluminous.

I also enjoy mentoring our stylist team, sharing my knowledge and experience to help them thrive in their careers.

Outside of work, I cherish time with my family and friends, enjoy an occasional margarita or glass of wine, and love dancing it off at Zumba. My favorite coffee is a white chocolate Americano with cream. And one more thing—I’m a sucker for chocolate cake!


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