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Grow with us.

We embrace the 'play hard' philosophy and encourage you to make the most of your time off. After all, fresh experiences bring fresh perspectives back to our work. At heyHELLO, hard work fuels freedom. The better we perform as a team, the more flexible our time becomes. It’s about mutual respect and collective success.


Our Mission

To elevate and empower the Pacific Northwest community of stylists and students through our salon methods, teamwork, and a modern approach to commission salon concepts so that they can create an abundant life for themselves.

Our Why

heyHELLO Hair Co exists to empower stylists to live a dream life and create beautiful hair in an exceptional salon space. We encourage growth through coaching, regularly scheduled education, and community collaboration while elevating the salon experience with confidence & connection.

What We Offer

Fast Track Growth, PTO and Unlimited Time Off (within reason of course), Flexible Schedule, Laser Focused Leaders committed to growth, Competitive Commission Pay Structure, Consistent In Salon Education and Paid Outside Education Opportunities, Exceptional Online Booking, Luxury Salon Space, Salon Committed to Cleanliness, Team Bonding, Serving Clients and Each Other with Excellence, the list goes on and on.

To apply, please click below to fill out the application.

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